• 5 things a woman must own

    5 things a woman must own

    Hey loves! Our last trip to Switzerland was so gorgeous. First we went to Zürich, where we stayed for one night, before heading to the Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort where I celebrated my birthday.

    When in Zürich I love to visit my friends. Even when my agenda is full booked, I always find place for quality time. I wore this look for a special dinner with Lucia. She is my best friend in Switzerland. It was a hot summer evening and we went to a restaurant I love. The Brasserie Lipp. It’s a French one. I had Belgian mussels with french fries. Delicious! It was a fantastic evening! I am missing my girl so much…

    Today I would like to show you the five things a woman must own.

    1. It-Bag: A bag enhances your basic outfit immediately. It doesn’t have to be a new or trendy one. Timeless beauties or vintage pieces are always an eye-catcher.
    2. Statement Watch/Jewelry: Jewelry and statement watches complement the look and make it unique and worthy.
    3. Eye-catcher shoes: I always look at peoples shoes. I think they tell a lot about someone. You can wear sneakers or high heels, it doesn’t matter what, it just has to be an statement piece.
    4. Sunglasses: I am a sunglasses lover. You almost never see me without it. I love oversized and pilot models. In this case the most important thing is to find the right model for you face. You don’t have to follow the trend, if it doesn’t suit you.
    5. Denim-Shirt: Some things will never go out of style. The denim-shirt ist a wardrobe piece that goes with everything. No matter if you are wearing an elegant or casual look, it is always a good decision.

    How do you like my tips? Please find more blogger tips here. I wish you a wonderful day babes! Lots of love! xoxo Georgina

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    Blouse: Zara (love this one too)

    Skirt: H&M (similar one here)

    Shoes: Nike (similar one here)

    Bag: Gucci (love this one too)

    Sunnies: Celine (similar one here)

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