5 quick ideas to decorate your bathroom

5 quick ideas to decorate your bathroom

My bathroom is one of my favorite places at home. In the course of life we ​​spend a lot of time there and this happens for a good reason. Your bathroom is the place where you take care of your body. In other words, it’s where you take a little break from everyday life through a hot shower, a long stay in the bathtub… In the bathroom you prepare yourself for the day. For this reason it is important that you feel comfortable there. Certainly the decoration can do a lot at this point.

Here are five quick ideas to decorate your bathroom:

  1. Choose statement pieces to highlight the room. The right accessories turn a bathroom from boring to inviting.
  2. Framed art add elegance to the space
  3. Hang a mirror with flair. Choosing a mirror with a little more personality elevates the space to something far from basic.
  4. Invest in good quality towels with eye catcher potential. 
  5. Buy decorative soap. It can add that perfect little touch to class up your bathroom.

Just the other day I discovered Claus Porto. It is a very exklusive manufacture from Portugal. They produce luxury soaps, colognes, hand creams and scented candles with a vintage inspiration. These pics were taken in our guest toilette, which I think fits very well to Claus Porto with the golden and extravagant details. xoxo Georgina Moreno

Pics, Editing & Post production Georgina Moreno


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