Travel Diary: Conservatorium Hotel

Travel Diary: Conservatorium Hotel

The Hotel

The Room 

The Breakfast

The Taiko Restaurant

The Bar


The Penthouse-Room

Hey guys! Last week we packed our bags, took the car to Amsterdam and checked in at the Conservatorium Hotel, a member of the Leading Hotels of the World, to do some research about the most recent design trends in the Netherlands. We arrived and took a look around this luxury lifestyle place very near to Amsterdam´s city center and the famous Museumplein.

This hotel, designed by Piero Lissoni, is architectural perfection! A mixture of historical and modern interior design at it´s best. Our room was decorated in a very modern style with a huge comfy bed. We slept very well there.

On the second day we decided to do some sightseeing around Amsterdam after having a delicious breakfast at the iconic glass covered hotel hall. Amsterdam is fantastic! I am so in love with this city! We had an amazing time there. Read more in my travel guide coming soon in the next days. After that we were at the Spa and had a Sauna. On the second evening we had a gorgeous dinner in the contemporary Asian Restaurant Taiko. I´m obsessed with it´s delicious food and wonderful service.

We stayed for two nights and enjoyed it to the max. Before heading to the next Hotel, we had the chance to see the 170 m² Penthouse-Room and were deeply impressed with all it´s luxury. I love this hotel and want to come back as soon as possible. Lots of love. xoxo Gea

8 Kommentare

  1. Lena
    10. Juli 2017 / 7:08

    Fabulous place and pictures babe! Love this blogpost!

  2. Martha
    10. Juli 2017 / 7:09

    Love this place! Have to get there soon!

  3. Caro
    10. Juli 2017 / 7:10

    Super schön! Hab total Lust dahin zu kommen jetzt! Gut gemacht Georgia! LG

  4. Georgia
    10. Juli 2017 / 7:24

    Thank you sweetie

  5. Georgia
    10. Juli 2017 / 7:24

    Thank you so much babe

  6. Georgia
    10. Juli 2017 / 7:24

    Danke vielmals meine süße

  7. 10. Juli 2017 / 12:17

    Na da würde ich auch gerne mal einchecken. Sehr beeindruckend..1
    LG Reni

  8. Georgia
    31. Juli 2017 / 8:57

    Danke meine Süße! Es ist wirklich ein tolles Hotel!

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