10 Exceptional things to do in life

10 Exceptional things to do in life

At this cold and dark time of the year, I often get a little thoughtful and melancholy. It is the time of the year when I do a kind of inventory of myself and decide internally whether I can be satisfied with what I have achieved. Life doesn’t always feel good and moments of happiness tend to be rare…. What you often imagine in your dreams mostly does not correspond to reality, even if it sometimes comes close to perfection. Everyone defines happiness differently and it has nothing to do with moral or logical reasons… and that’s a good thing.
If something makes you feel completely happy for at least a second, it is worth doing at all costs…

I have put together 10 points for you that personally made me feel alive and in pure ecstasy. It should be a kind of orientation for all those who want to feel magic with all their senses and who approach life in a demanding way, because they are worth it.

1. Drive a sports car

A sports car is not just what you see … it is much more an attitude towards life, a piece of freedom for body and soul. A sports car cannot only be defined by the fact that it can drive fast. It is the certainty of knowing what is possible when you want or need it.

2. Listen to analog music

Music goes deep into the soul and has the power of healing. Music has helped me a lot to make the right decision in life. Music brings inspiration to the surface and enables us to come into contact with the subconscious. Classical music and analog music (without a computer) is what inspires me the most and gives me the feeling of being alive.

3. Be the star for a day

So far I have had the chance to experience incredibly beautiful photo shoots with great crews several times. I am very grateful for that. This experience strengthens self-confidence immensely and makes everyday life seem very small.

4. Drink wine & Tuscany

A few years ago I made a trip through Tuscany and got to know different wineries. It was a journey for all the senses. The landscape of Tuscany is incomparably beautiful and that combined with the best wines in the world is absolutely unique … there is nothing better.

5. Take care of yourself

If you no longer take care of yourself, it is called self-abandonment. Always strive to do the best for you. Exercise, eat healthy, and dress every day as if you are about to see the gig of your life. Because you attract what you radiate.

6. Travel to the Maldives

This place is pure magic … it’s the feeling of endless summers. Nowhere in the world will you feel the earth, nature and yourself as intensely as there. In the Maldives I leave everything behind and completely forget about everyday life and feel very connected to my subconscious. My perception of the world becomes clearer. It’s like a RESET for body and soul. My place to be there is  Veela Private Island. A magical place where luxury has no limits.

7. La Dolce Vita

Lago di Como is a place full of grandeur. I really appreciate all the places in the world where you can stroll in style. It makes me feel like life is valuable when treated with dignity. At the Il Sereno Hotel you feel like in a James Bond film. This is a must-be-place and please don’t forget to get there with a Riva.

8. Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc

This hotel on the Côte D’azur is legendary for its beautiful location and glamorous history. It is a grand hotel with tradition and a special aura. You have the feeling of being a celebrity there and that is something very special and not often found worldwide.

9. Love your home

Home is the most important thing to me. It always has to make me feel WOW when I enter the room. No matter how much budget you have, it is always possible to design your home with love and imagination in such a way that it always welcomes you and makes your everyday life a little more beautiful.

10. Private jet

Flying has always been something very sophisticated for me. It never gets boring for me to look at the earth from above. Nowadays, however, a lot has changed in aviation and travel has been put into perspective and developed into a mass transport. Airports are only handling operations and no longer a sensual experience. In contrast, private flying is exactly what it should be… dignified, unique and individual top luxury experience, where nothing it is no longer impossible.

And of course without wanting to sound arbitrary… all of this is nothing without love in your life. So strive for it. When you have found love, do everything to keep it. Be patient and understanding, especially when it’s difficult. Because at the end of the day special moments in life only exist because of the not so special ones.