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Silver Jeans & Co. in Zürich

written by Georgia
Silver Jeans & Co. in Zürich

Hey Hey from Hamburg guys! I hope you are having a great time! After some days in Zürich, it is nice to be back. It’s like a phenomen, when I’m in Hamburg, I miss Zürich and so vice versa. When your feelings are stronger than your mind…

 These pictures with me wearing my current favorite jeans from Silver Jeans & Co (seen at the Berlin & Düsseldorf fair), were made in Zürich. I love this part of town!

How do you like my look? I´m so obsessed with my new jeans. It fits perfectly, is comfortable and trendy. Silver Jeans really knows how to design a jeans for every unique body shape and sense of style, offering a flattering cut for every figure.

Happy Day and lots of love! xoxo

What I am wearing:

Pullover: H&M

Belt: Gucci

Jeans: Silver Jeans & Co. (Avery Ankle Skinny, ultra curvy, high rise)

Bag: Prada

Jacket: Belstaff

Shoes: SJP

Shop the Look:

GĂźrtel aus Leder mit GG Schnalle REDValentino - Verzierter Pullover aus Wolle Prada - Tasche Gallerina Soft aus Leder EVITA Damen Pumps gold Saint Laurent - Brille SL 155

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