Travel Diary: Schlosshotel Kronberg

Travel Diary: Schlosshotel Kronberg

A few weeks ago I visited the Schlosshotel Kronberg and Golf Resort near to Frankfurt. This castle Hotel is unique because of it´s history and beautiful architecture. I can say without any doubt, it is one of the finest hotels in Germany. An oasis of calm and beauty just a few Kilometers away from Frankfurt Airport. Unbelievable. Unfortunately, I was only for one night there, but the time was enought to see how fantastic the service and the food is. Over the top! The rooms are very comfortable  and antique furnished. The bathrooms are absolutely new and modern… a mixture I like very much. Who wants to know more about the hotel can visit it´s website Schlosshotel Kronberg. Two Fotoshootings for you took place there. Soon these both will be online here! xoxo

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