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Windsor Style in Zürich

written by Georgia
Windsor Style in Zürich

Each season has its own beauty. When Autumn the colors of the leaves during a walk through the forest fascinates me. Then there are days like this with lots of sun and fresh temperature. Just wonderful. Perfect condition for a fashion shoot. In this case, with a complete Windsor look, in which I admittedly felt so in love, that I didn’t want to take it off after the photo session. When the days get colder, I like to wear something that feels good, keeps me warm and looks nice. In this look, it is so from head to toe. In addition, it brings together some autumn-winter 2014/15 fashion trends as a fur-appliqué, a cardigan in wool and a loose-fitting pants with a flowing line … It can also every garment from this look can be combined with multiple other things. So … a fashion reunion is not excluded 😉 xoxo Georgia


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