Interview: Zane Apsite, Co-Founder of Zein Knitwear

Interview: Zane Apsite, Co-Founder of Zein Knitwear

I am very proud to have the chance to interview Zane Apsite (28), the Co-Founder of Zein Knitwear. This brand is special, because of the high quality and unique designed pieces, that it creates. A perfect mixture between casual and elegant style. So, enjoy reading it. This time i am writing only in english. I hope you all can understand it. xoxo Georgia

1.  What’s the origin of the idea to establish Zein Knitwear?
Both of our grandmothers were skillful knitters, keen to pass on the knowledge to the granddaughters. We have spent countless hours observing and learning to knit with love and deep respect towards one of the oldest skill sets in Latvia: Knitting. Back in the day jumpers, jackets, gloves and socks were homemade. Our grandmothers were pedantic and everything they did was perfection. If they made a mistake the process was repeated till perfection was achieved.
Obviously slowly but surely we, the new generation, mastered all the skills and tricks necessary to create exceptional and long-lasting garments. These skills were the reason why we felt confident enough to create Zein Knitwear. We wanted to create a brand which represents hand made quality without any industrial effects involved. When you look around you see all these cheap, short-life clothing and by cheap I mean low-quality materials and garments. These pieces neither have personality nor soul, so my sister and I thought – why don’t we design clothes ourselves!

2.  What is the target group? What is the brand’s „DNA“?
A woman who wears Zein Knitwear is the ‘The Woman’. She knows what life means – the broad spectrum of feelings and emotions. The Zein woman does not worry about small things; she is selfconfident and satisfied with her life. Emotionally and practically she is at a stage in her life where quality dominates quantity in every sense. The Zein woman is confident without any need to compensate a low self-esteem; she simply wants the best quality to spoil herself. She is a modern, intelligent and elegant woman who cherishes individuality and comfort.
She might be a business lady or she might be a housewife; she might be in her early 30’s, when life has just begun or she might be in her late 50’s when she have had experienced a lot and enjoys life’s quality. We’ve created a brand which is appreciated by all women mentioned before.
Zein knitwear’s DNA – handmade workmanship, uncompromising quality and timeless sense of fashion. Every garment is made by hand with the finest, most delicate yarn using long-established, century old methods and traditional tools. The delicacy of0 manufacture results in an apparel chic enough for a ball and practical enough for a walk in the forest.

3.  What do you think about Fashion Blogs?

Fashion Blogs are obviously a very crucial part of the 21st centurie’s fashion world. For me as an owner of a fashion brand it is interesting and very informative to follow fashion blogs – to evaluate the style and content of certain blogs as well as to learn how fashion industry is using this platform to communicate with the public and to get the a feedback.
In my opinion fashion blogs are responsible for a vast number of new adventurers within the fashion industry who are not afraid to experiment and create their own unique styles.

4.  What are your plans regarding the brand’s development?

I prefer to talk about what we have achieved so far rather than what our dreams and visions are because the achievements are the ones that really count. However, I can guarantee that we keep moving forward with unstoppable power to remain a high quality fashion brand where every garment is made with love and care. We are never going to industrialize our business because we don’t want to lose the essence of our company, which is an affectionate home- and handmade production. For Zein Knitwear these are not just words – it is the company’s promise to our customers and ourselves.

5.  What does fashion mean to you personally? What role does it play in your life?

Ever since I can remember it has been important to me to express myself through fashion – I always considered it as a way of communication, a way to express my moods and emotions through shapes and colors. Now I want to share my sense of fashion with the world. Since I have created Zein Knitwear I live and breathe fashion, I follow the latest fashion tendencies in terms of materials, colors etc., not to mention countless fashion shows and seminars.


Zane Apsite (yellow, Co-Founder), Inga Apsite (lila, Founder)

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    Juli 25, 2015 / 2:26 pm

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      Juli 25, 2015 / 2:33 pm

      WOW… Thank you lovely Carol. This is great! 😉

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    Juli 25, 2015 / 2:23 pm

    very smart brand

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