Interview: Campomaggi Founder Marco Campomaggi

Interview: Campomaggi Founder Marco Campomaggi

I’m super proud of this interview with Marco Campomaggi, founder of Campomaggi. Campomaggi bags can be identified by high quality leather and the unique vintage look. When I Campomaggi first saw, I was immediately in love. Marco has made his passion to his profession and you can feel it when you see his creations. Have fun while reading!

1. What’s the origin of the idea to establish Campomaggi?

I stared to produces bags and accessories in 1983, out of pure passion for handcrafted things and a strong creativity influenced by my father (who was a sculptor). Equipped with just a few simple tools, but driven by a strong passion and creativity, I started to manually manufacture my first models, almost for fun, using saddle leather and metal studs and selling them to co-students and friends. I found out that my creations sold well, so this passion became my job.

2. What is the target group? What is the brand’s “DNA“?

Campomaggi is the scent of leather, absolute protagonist of each collection, it is the ability of working hands, it is the deep respect for materials and items with a story to tell. In my creations, the signs of time passing by are an authentic and everlasting value. For this reason, my motto is ‘Time doesn’t take away, it enhances’. By touching and smelling the leather and by looking at the extraordinary imperfections that make each model unique, you can feel the passion and the care in each creative step that leads to a Campomaggi product and the ability of these bags to mirror the soul of those wearing them.

The target of Campomaggi includes women and men looking for deep and intimate experience with our brand, art lovers, trend-conscious but not interested in the fashion trends that go by after just one season, with an eclectic and curious personality, with an open mind and a love for a kind of beauty that is not standardized and is timeless.

3. What do you think about Fashion Blogs?

Fashion blogs are, of course, an important vehicle to transmit our philosophy especially to the young generation.

4. What are your plans regarding the brand’s development?

We are expanding the production area in Cesena (north-east Italy), which currently covers 6,000 square meters, by adding a new construction of 5,000 square meters. The new building, which will be inaugurated by December 2015, will allow us to further develop our 100% Italian production. Our future plans also include the opening a new and prestigious showroom in Milan, in Via Sant’Andrea, at the beginning of January.

5. What does fashion mean to you personally? What role does it play in your life?

I don’t follow any trends to find my idea of style. I look for objects with a soul, with a past that can fascinate me. I choose to wear clothes and accessories that can make me feel good with myself. Through my brand and creations, I want to transmit this point of view, our customers choose us because we are constantly focused on materials and leather high quality, consciousness for the productive process, love and attention for all details.


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  1. November 1, 2016 / 3:02 pm

    Great Interview my love! I needed it for an article that I am writing about him. Such an intense man!

    • Georgia
      November 1, 2016 / 3:05 pm

      Thank you sweetie ❤️❤️❤️