HER #Interview: Lieve Vermeire – Brand Design Manager Marie Jo

HER #Interview: Lieve Vermeire – Brand Design Manager Marie Jo

Hallo meine Lieben! Über dieses Interview mit Lieve Vermeire freue ich mich besonders. Auf dem Marie Jo Event in München durfte ich Lieve persönlich kennenlernen und mehr über das Lingerie-Label aus Belgien erfahren, das immer noch im Familienbesitz ist. Im Gespräch mit Lieve, die bereits seit 20 Jahren für Marie Jo tätig ist, konnte ich ihre Begeisterung für das Lingerie-Label förmlich spüren und einige Geheimnisse über die Frauenwelt und ihre Wünsche enthüllen. Viel Spass beim Lesen!

Hello my loves! I am particularly pleased about this Interview with Lieve Vermeire. During the Marie Jo Event in Munich I had the chance to talk to Lieve personally and learn more about the lingerie label from Belgium, which is still owned by the family. In an interview with Lieve, which is already working 20 years for the global company, I could formally feel her enthusiasm for Marie Jo and reveal the secrets about women and their desires. Enjoy the reading!

1. When Marie Jo was founded and why?
Marie Jo was founded in 1981, because the Van de Velde group felt that the time was right to start a brand. We were only producing white label lingerie for other brands and stores at that time. Our product knowledge, fashion spirit, … Was there. Karel van de Velde was the visionary man at that moment who said we should start our own label.

2. Where is the most successful market for Marie Jo worldwide?

Belgium & Germany

3. What kind of Marie Jo lingerie women buy the most?

Product type: smooth bras, that fit under every outfit, but are always fashionable. Practical and comfortable but always with a new and trendy touch. Different from other brands and seasons. Fun details, sexy touch, nice subtle print, …

4. What is the most important thing for women when buying lingerie? Quality? Material? Or should it just be instyle?

Just being in style is not enough. Quality & fit have to be there when a woman tries the lingerie on in the fitting room. That is the winning combination.

5. What are your plans for the further development of Marie Jo in 2016?

In may we bring a new line of basic essentials, called undertones. All the key elements of Marie Jo are there, but it is very minimalistic. Further development of our collections in a very feminine and fashionable direction. New more daring styles, like a triangle bra (with and without wire). Retro styles are coming back, but always with our signature fit and quality.

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