Interview: Bag Designerin Maria Lamanna

Interview: Bag Designerin Maria Lamanna

As you already know, i am a hardcore Bagionista. Maria Lamanna makes my “Bag Dreams” come true. Therefore i am very excited about this interview with the designer, where I was allowed to learn a bit more about her and the philosophy of her brand. Have fun while reading!

1. What’s the origin of the idea to establish Maria Lamanna?
I wanted to create an item that could be used daily and that was still trendy and timeless. I was use to wearing my grandmother’s handbags and I wanted to create something that could remind me of that kind of Italian excellence but with a modern twist.

2. What is the target group? What is the brand’s DNA?
A modern woman – whether you are a stay at home mom or a workaholic. Both women can be trendsetters appreciating quality and style.
The brand’s DNA is about combining rhythm and energy while at the same time maintaining a feminine elegance. The simplicity of each model, the iconic details, the use of prestigious materials and the excellence of its Italian production give life to a product that is luxurious and audacious.


3. What do you think about fashion blogs?
I love fashion blogs – they are a bridge between dreams and reality. They help us see clearly what’s really going on in fashion industry through the eye of someone “just like us”.

4. What are your plans regarding the brand’s development?
We are working on strengthening both our collections and PR presence.

5. What does fashion mean to you personally? What role does it play in your life?
Fashion provides a means to stand out or to make us feel that we belong to a certain group. Either way it’s a social matter and it is a serious matter. Fashion touches everybody, even though you think it doesn’t, in fact, it does and to me this is the most exciting thing about fashion.

Portrait_Maria Lamanna