5 cool ways to wear the sheer trend

5 cool ways to wear the sheer trend

Knowing how to wear the sheers without showing off to much skin can be tricky. The sexiness of this trend only works, without revealing  too much. In my opinion to be sexy does not have anything to do with showing too much skin. Today I would like to show you an outfit I really love. It is glamorous and cool with a touch of boho and rock style. Here are five tips for you how to wear the sheer trend in a cool and relaxed way:

  1. Layering is king. Combine color and shape matching pieces with each other.
  2. Choose different textures. This distracts from the transparency.
  3. Wear what you feel comfort with. Choose pieces that upgrade you and the parts of your body you are proud of.
  4. Details never fails. Don’t forget to enhance the outfit with matching jewelry and accessories.
  5. Work with opposites. If you are wearing a glamorous sheer top, combine it with a pair of jeans and high-heels.

Don’t be afraid this trend is not working out for you. The key is to choose the perfect piece that suits you and combine it perfectly. In other words, the sheer trend is suitable for every woman. xoxo Georgina Moreno

Shop my look:

Top: NÜ Denmark

Jeans: H&M

Necklace: Chanel

Shoes: EMU Australia

Pictures, Editing & post production Georgina Moreno


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