All White Winter

All White Winter

This time of the year is a very exciting one for me, cause I can feel it in the air that spring is coming. On the other hand I must admit that the days still cold and wintry. Nevertheless I can feel the sunlight shining stronger on my skin and I can hear the birds singing more intensely outside, as if they already know that winter is over soon.

This particular moment inspired me by this look. I love layering these tones of white in wintery textures of wool, jeans and fur.

The color white is color at its most complete and pure. It is truly the color of perfection. Also is white for me the color of new beginnings. Therefore this is my very personal way to welcome the spring 2019. xoxo Georgina Moreno

Shop my look:

Pullover: H&M

Jeans: Marc O‘ Polo

Shoes: UGG

Cover: Louis Vuitton



Pictures, Editing & Post Production Georgina Moreno

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