But first Coziness

But first Coziness

Hey babes! How are you doing today? The last weeks have been very busy for me working on new projects and never being at home.

Traveling is part of my job, but I really love spending time at home, having cozy weekends, cuddling in the sofa, drinking hot tea and reading good books. Coziness has always been very important in my life. Sometimes I just need quality time to get my energy back. In this case, there is nothing better than to have people I love around me and being lazy wearing cozy clothes like these from wewofashion by ottowerner. I am so in love with this stylish homewear look! It feels so soft on the skin! How do you like this it?

I wish you a wonderful and cozy day with your family and friends! Lots of love! Georgia



4 Kommentare

  1. Nina
    August 23, 2017 / 9:29 am

    Die Bilder machen Lust auf Gemütlichkeit… super Look! LG

  2. Pia
    August 23, 2017 / 9:30 am

    Gorgeous homewear… looks gorgeous on you! Must have!!!

  3. Teo
    August 23, 2017 / 9:31 am

    Looking sexy babe

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